What is Matcha?

Kyoto, Uji

The birthplace of Matcha

Traditional Methods

Shade grown, hand picked, quick steamed, stone ground


The majority of our "regulars" come in specifically for the matcha latte. It's delicious, uplifting, and people go out of their to get it every morning. 

Joanne Skulski, Wonder Press Barista

"We have been incredibly happy with the quality of the matcha from Chasen and Stone. Since we began serving it we've seen increased sales and new customers coming in specifically for Chasen + Stone. It's great matcha and they are an amazing partner!"

Lon McGowan, Alpine Modern Owner

Being at Wonder, and drinking the matcha that you all bring over has changed my every day! I absolutely LOVE your matcha, and can't imagine finding better--you all rock!!

Ava Roku, Wonder Press Manager